Distress Ink

Hi all, I also love to use Distress Ink Refill from Ranger for coloring my stamped images and first I have this colorcard but it did not work for me and when I was on a craftday from the club 'Scrap & Stempel' Marga had this great boxes for the ink. I made some of my own and I love to share it with you because it realy works ;o)
I bought this compartmental box at Jacobi but I am shure you can get it anywhere.

Then I got my paper in the right size and I use the paper that I also use for coloring my stamped image in. I use Cotman Water Color Paper and bought it Hobbystempels. I made lines with a pencil to be shure that I colored in the boxe size.

I colored it and put the names from the color also in the boxes and use transparant film (we call it boeklon, but do not know how you name it) to paste it on the box, so that you can see the colors.

Then I put Ink in all the boxes, not much just one or two drups from each color, you can always refill it.

And this is how it looks like when you have all the colors ;o)

This is the paper I use ...

And I use this waterbushes like this one because they do not leak.

You can find some awesome color tutorials on You Tube. I've seen almost all of them and I have learned a lot from watching it. Also the little tutorial Marga give me have helped me a lot. Kathy I also want to thank you for chosing the first colors *mwah

Hugs, Janneke

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